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Learning Mentor and Intervention Support

Learning Mentors work with children to remove barriers to learning.

Learning Mentor:  Miss. L. Collier
Contact me: I am available Monday to Thursday 8.30am-4.30am and Friday 8.30am-4.00pm

What is a Learning Mentor?Learning Mentors help to support children so they can achieve their full potential. Mentors liaise with pupils, parents, staff, and outside agencies, identify any children with problems that might be affecting their learning, and develop strategies to overcome those problems. Children benefit from the opportunity to talk to an adult other than a parent or a teacher and can find it useful to talk to someone who is not directly involved in their everyday lives.

A Learning Mentor is not:
A teacher.
A counsellor.
A person to whom a child is sent when naughty.

Why do children need Learning Mentors?

  • Low motivation.
  • Struggling in class.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Difficulties at home.
  • Behaviour.
  • Poor attendance/punctuality.
  • Bereavement or other loss.
  • Friendship issues/bullying.
  • Moving to a new school.

What do I do?
I will be working across the school supporting children from all years with their emotional, social, academic, and behavioural learning. I will provide 1:1 sessions, group sessions, support during breaks and lunchtimes, and can also work in class. I will work with lots of different children for different reasons, and my work will vary depending on their individual needs. I also run clubs separate to the Mentoring scheme.

I can help by:
Raising self-esteem.
Increasing confidence.
Listening to any worries.
Increasing motivation.
Developing social skills.
Developing academic skills.
Enabling children to understand and manage emotions.
Supporting a child through life events…

How does your child access the Mentoring Programme?
There are several ways to access the Mentoring Programme:

  • Usually, a child is referred to me by their teacher or another adult working with that child.
  • A child can ask to see the Learning Mentor.
  • Parents can contact the Learning Mentor to discuss if mentoring would be helpful for their child.

If your child has been referred to me, you will be contacted prior to them starting the Mentoring Programme.

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