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School Values


I am Growth.  I love learning and trying new things.  I know that things aren’t always easy and I feel like sometimes I’m climbing a mountain and keep falling down.  But with every step I take I become more resilient and gain a little more confidence.  As I meet people on my journey I begin to accept that everyone is different; and that there are some things which others can do that I cannot, and things that I can do, that they cannot.  I also understand that we can offer each other support as we climb up the mountain and help each other take risks and become more independent.   The more I climb the more I grow physically and stronger as a person.


I am Pride.  When I get up every morning I make sure I look smart in my appearance and try to stay this way all day.  At school I try hard to make the right choices, I like to make sure my work is well presented and the best I can do.  You’ll often find me tidying up making sure our environment is just like me, the best it can be!  I’m proud of myself, my family and the community I come from and like to share this with other people. 


I am Safety.  I am always looking out for dangers and letting people know how to look after themselves.  As I explore my world and move around my school and community I am careful to keep safe and make sure I do all that I can to look after it.  When I feel unsafe in my skin or where I am, I know where to go and who to find to help me.  I have lots of different strategies that I keep in my toolbox; I remember to use them to help me make the right choices when I’m finding it tricky to express my emotions and keep myself and others safe. 

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