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Mathematics is a vital part of everyday life: it teaches children how to make sense of the world around them. At Grangehurst Primary School, we aim to prepare children by providing them with essential Mathematical skills they will need throughout their life. 


Mathematics is a core subject where all key mathematical concepts are taught, these are developed further through a range of cross curricular links, allowing children to use their Maths skills in a wider context. We promote the ability to develop confidence, fluency and competence in number work; geometry and measure; statistics and the using and applying of skills. 


At Grangehurst we use the White Rose Scheme of learning to inform our planning and provision.



As the children progress through our school, we aim to develop their fluency in Mathematics by practicing the fundamentals of calculating rapidly and accurately. We continue to develop the children’s arithmetic skills where they are able to demonstrate confidence in formal written methods of Mathematics. Reasoning mathematically and explaining will become an important aspect of lessons, as will being able to problem solve. 

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