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Helpful Agencies

  • Citizens advice Bureau We provide free, confidential and impartial advice. Our goal is to help everyone find a way forward, whatever problem they face. Laura Eaves at Grangehurst Primary School can organise an appointment time for you to seek the support you need.

  • The Recovery Partnership advice, support and treatment for adults in Coventry and Warwickshire who have been or are currently being affect by alcohol or drugs, this is a self-referral service however more information can be found in school.

  • Valley House Valley House believes everyone should have the chance to live a happy and fulfilling life. We work with disadvantaged people and families in and around Coventry. Our services help people struggling with issues such as homelessness, depression and unemployment to get their lives back together, become independent, and look forwards to a brighter future.

  • Gingerbread We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single mums and dads.

Coventry Foodbank Unfortunately many families across the UK have struggled or will struggle to ensure they can feed themselves and their families. This could be due to illness, benefit issues, redundancy, debt, family breakdown, Domestic Violence other issues such as the cost of extra meals during school holidays. If this is a support that you or someone you know may benefit from, please contact Laura Eaves.

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