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Handwriting in an important part of the English curriculum and a skill which supports all areas of the National Curriculum. The emphasis on handwriting has increased significantly in recent years. Below are the handwriting expectations for children in Key Stage 1 and 2 as set out in the National Curriculum:

EYFS & Year 1

  • Children learn to form letter starting at the top (with some end flicks)
  • Form lower case letters that are all the same size
  • Write capital letters, lower case letters and numbers the right way, the correct size relative to each other
  • Use spacing between words which fit with the size of the letters


Below is a copy of the formation patterns for EYFS & Year 1  that we use:


Year 2 onwards

  • Use diagonal and horizontal strokes to join letters
  • Know which letter are break letters
  • Produce legible joined writing
  • Maintaining legibility, fluency and speed in handwriting through choosing whether or not to join specific letters


Below is a copy of the formation patterns for Year 2 onwards that we use:

We hope that you will continue to support us, and your children, in this.

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