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Until I Met Dudley by Roger McGough and Chris Riddell


This is a two-week focus using Until I Met Dudley by Roger McGough and Chris Riddell. Children write their own explanation texts for everyday objects, inventing their own imaginary responses to the question of how they work, before researching and describing them properly. They also write letters to a fictional ‘Dudley’ character asking for his help to get to the bottom of some more complicated items.

Winter's Child by Angela McAllister and Grahame Baker Smith


This is a focus on Winter’s Child by Angela McAllister, in which children explore and are immersed in the theme of the story, making predictions about what might happen if you are not careful what you wish for. Children continue to explore the themes and language of the text, particularly identifying noun phrases and prepositional phrases and how they are used to create images. Children go on to predict what might happen after the story, as it becomes spring, and write their own simple sequel, applying the grammatical skills learnt.

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