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G r a n g e h u r s t Primary School

To Try Our Very Best in All We Do

Welcome to our school website. Please take the time to explore all the things that happen in our wonderful school.

Who's Who

Our Leadership Team

Headteacher - Darren Clews

Deputy Headteacher - Katie Dominy

Assistant Headteacher - Catherine Burch

Lower Phase Leader (Reception & Year 1) - Beck Brereton

Middle Phase Leader (Years 2, 3 & 4) - Kieran Shergill

Upper Phase Leader (Years 5 & 6) - Amy Osborne


Our Early Years Foundation Stage Team

Classteacher - Suzanne Bailey

Classteacher - Beck Brereton

Nursery Nurse - Alison Storrie

Nursery Nurse - Helena Billing

Learning Facilitator - Serena Wright

Learning Facilitator - Lynne Porter

Our Key Stage One Team

Year 1 Classteacher - Rose McGovern

Year 1 Classteacher - Jaclyn Graham

Year 2 Classteacher - Becky Gurney

Year 2 Classteacher - Kieran Shergill

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Dawn Ford

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Dal Kaur

Learning Facilitator - Nicky Nelson

Learning Facilitator - Rekha Thakor



Our Key Stage Two Team

Year 3 Classteacher - Farha Akhlaq

Year 3 Classteacher - Jag Sandhu and Liz Johnson

Year 4 Classteacher - Vicky Russell

Year 4 Classteacher - Kate Hunter

Year 5 Classteacher - Becki Kerr

Year 5 Classteacher - Steph Rogalski

Year 6 Classteacher - Amy Osborne

Year 6 Classteacher - Lauren Wildbore

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Ranjit Chouhan

Higher Level Learning Facilitator and Forest School Lead - Elaine Holden

Higher Level Learning Facilitator and Forest School Lead - Lynne Porer

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - David Blount

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Louise Bohdanowitsch

Learning Facilitator - Dawn Hobday

Learning Facilitator - Kalpana Patel

1:1 Learning Facilitator - Simone Pryce

Our Inclusion Team

Inclusion Lead and Acting Pastoral Manager - Kaye Trodden

Pastoral Support Manager - Laura Eaves (currently on Maternity Leave)

Learning Mentor - Louise Collier

Thrive Learning Facilitator - Lisa Flynn

SEND/EAL Learning Facilitator - Tara Matthews

Our PPA Cover Team

PE Cover Teacher - Kevin Steele

Music Cover Teacher - Lucy Fox

Spanish Cover Teacher - Alejandra Sanchez

Sports Assistant - Lee Wilkins

Our Admin & Site Staff Team

School Business Manager - Kate Cooke

Office Manager - Caron Pearman

Admin Assistant - Debbie Clarke

Premises Manager - Dion Seeney

Assistant Site Officer - Lee Wallington

Network Manager - Steve Warwick-Oliver

Minibus Driver - Alan Liddiard

Our Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Lyndsay Ward

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Florence Bell

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Fern Boryor

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Lakhwinder Kaur

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Rupinder Mattu

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Sue Petherick

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Catherine Platt

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Monica Purwaha

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Tracey Shaw

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Jemma Walle

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Laura Guild

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Liz Shaw

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Lauren Auwkit