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G r a n g e h u r s t Primary School

To Try Our Very Best in All We Do

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Who's Who

Our Leadership Team

Headteacher - Darren Clews

Deputy Headteacher - Katie Dominy

Assistant Headteacher - Catherine Burch

Reception Team Leader - Suzanne Bailey

Lower Phase Leader (Years 1, 2 & 3) - Kieran Shergill

Upper Phase Leader (Years 4, 5 & 6) - Amy Osborne


Our Early Years Foundation Stage Team

Classteacher - Suzanne Bailey

Classteacher - Liz McKinlay

Nursery Nurse - Alison Storrie

Nursery Nurse - Helena Billing

Learning Facilitator - Dave Blount

Learning Facilitator - Tara Matthews


Additional support provided by:

Higher Level Learning Facilitator and Forest School Lead - Lynne Porter

Our Key Stage One Team

Year 1 Classteacher - Catherine Burch / Kaye Trodden

Year 1 Classteacher - Kieran Shergill

Year 2 Classteacher - Becky Gurney

Year 2 Classteacher - Tom Hill

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Dawn Ford

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Dal Kaur

Learning Facilitator - Nicky Nelson

Learning Facilitator - Rekha Thakor


Our Key Stage Two Team

Year 3 Classteacher - Jaclyn Graham

Year 3 Classteacher - Kirpa Kaur

Year 4 Classteacher - Vicky Russell

Year 4 Classteacher - Kate Hunter

Year 5 Classteacher - Farha Nabeel

Year 5 Classteacher - Steph Rogalski

Year 6 Classteacher - Amy Osborne

Year 6 Classteacher - Lauren Wildbore

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Ranjit Chouhan

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Louise Bohdanowitsch

Learning Facilitator - Dawn Hobday

Learning Facilitator - Kalpana Patel


Additional support provided by:

Higher Level Learning Facilitator and Forest School Lead - Elaine Holden

Higher Level Learning Facilitator and Forest School Lead - Lynne Porter

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - David Blount



Our Inclusion Team

Inclusion Lead - Kaye Trodden

Pastoral Support Manager - Laura Eaves 

Learning Mentor - Louise Collier

Thrive Learning Facilitator - Lisa Flynn

SEND/EAL Learning Facilitator - Serena Wright

Our PPA Cover Team

PE Cover Teacher - Kevin Steele

Cover Teacher - Liz Johnson

Spanish Cover Teacher - Alejandra Sanchez

Sports Assistant - Lee Wilkins

Our Admin & Site Staff Team

School Business Manager - Kate Cooke

Office Manager - Caron Pearman

Admin Assistant - Debbie Clarke

Admin Assistant - Chanell Morris

Premises Manager - Dion Seeney

Assistant Site Officer - Lee Wallington

Network Manager - Kieran Lee

Minibus Driver - Alan Liddiard

Our Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Lyndsay Ward

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Lauren Auwkit

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Florence Bell

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Shannon Cunningham

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Laura Guild

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Lakhwinder Kaur

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Rupinder Mattu

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Sue Petherick

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Catherine Platt

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Linda Platt

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Liz Shaw

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Tracey Shaw

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Jemma Walle