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Summer Term

Summer Term in Year 4

The first half of Summer term will be focused on the Arts, through the topic 'Playlist'. We will explore how sounds are made & how we hear, look at different instruments & singing styles from around the world, and write & record our own uplifting songs.


After writing non-fiction pieces about our ears and how we hear sounds, we will return to fiction with the book 'The Bear & the Piano', which will inspire some creative story writing.

The second Summer term topic will be 'Creatures and Critters', looking at underwater creatures and oceanography. This will be a transitional topic - the children will explore critters and insects at the start of Year 5...

As part of this topic, we will have a junk modelling day with Creaturama's creative genius, Anthony James (see website link below). Dive into our aquarium on 11th July to see our creations...


In 'Creatures and Critters' we will explore the picture book 'Flotsam' and use persuasive techniques to tempt other people to read this unusual book. We will discuss whether the boy in the book did the right thing & debate whether he is innocent or guilty of stealing...



This term sees the children take part in the MTC.

In class, we will consolidate our formal calculation methods and problem solving skills, as well as telling the time in analogue & digital form to the nearest minute, and exploring perimeter, area and symmetry in shapes. We will also introduce co-ordinates and recap equivalent fractions and decimals.