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Summer 2



Our topic for this half term is Stargazers and we will be looking in depth at the universe,our solar system, the planets and the stars within it. Year 5 will be working scientifically to investigate gravity; the key force that holds the universe together and make simple, accurate models of the solar system. All this leads up to building our own rocket for an important test mission. Are we alone or are there other life forms out there?



Our featured text this half term is ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and from this we are going to explore both recount texts and voyage and return stories.

For our first focus, this half-term, we will be learning how to write a newspaper report. This allows us to focus on using speech and reported speech, and to learn the difference between them. Also, we will be consolidating our paragraph work by checking their structure, and making sure we link within and between them.

Then finally, we will move on to voyage and return stories, using Cosmic as our inspiration. Through this, we will be continuing to practise our paragraphing and speech, but we will also be looking at our choice of vocabulary, sentence structure and which pieces of punctuation we choose to use. We will be looking at the affect we have on the reader!



Our term starts with a recap of our negative number work, by using number lines and counting backwards through 0, before applying this understanding to line graphs to ‘find the difference’. 

Then we will move on to Roman numerals, exploring them up to 1,000, interpreting them and solving problems using them.After that, we will be introducing new concepts, such as multiplying fractions, using pictures to support us initially to understand how this works. Then we’ll apply this to problems.

Finally, we will move on to shape and measures, learning how to calculate volume, with a formula, as well as exploring translation, reflection and symmetry.