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Summer 1


This half term we are continuing to develop our knowledge of our topic 'Enchanted Woodlands'


If you go down to the woods today your in for a BIG surprise. Deciduous or evergreen? You decide! Can you match the different leaves to the different trees or match a petal to its flower?

Build a den stick by stick, branch by branch or even make a home for a woodland creature.

Then we’ll party down in the woods with Mr fox, but lets not get lost create and follow maps as you splash in the muddy puddles.


Towards the end of this topic we will be having a woodland party. Children will be able to bring costumes dress up as  different woodland creatures or reuse their book day costumes for the party. 








In maths we will be looking more at telling the time. We will practise reading times on clocks which show o’clock and half past. We will then use this skill to solve problems.


The children will also be learning about odd and even numbers as well as how addition and subtraction are inverse operations

(e.g 3+4=7 7-4=3)

The children will also be developing reasoning skills by explaining how they know the answers to different questions.



During our English sessions we are focusing on developing our writing skills.


We will continue to learn new sounds and apply these to different reading and writing activities with phonics sessions.


We have been learning the story of Hansel and Gretel and are using this to create our own stories. We are learning about using different types of punctuation such as question marks and exclamation marks.


We will also begin to introduce different types of text such as poetry and the children will be writing in non-fiction styles.