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Spring - The Tudor Experience

The Tudor Experience


Our new topic combines our geography focus topic (Sow Grow and Farm) and our history topic (Off with her Head!) to create The Tudor Experience.


Within this topic, Year 5 will investigate what it was like to live during the reign of the Tudors and compare it to our own lifestyle. Initially, we will study Tudor farming and compare Tudor farms to our modern farms and land use. Then, we will research Tudor exploration. Through this, we will learn about foods that were introduced from countries with both similar and different biomes. Year 5 will compare the foods available during the Tudor period with the foods available today. Then we will discuss food miles. After this, Year 5 will look at Tudor lifestyle and legacies through comparing Tudor crime and punishment to modern consequences, including our own school behaviour chart! Through out this topic, we will look at how King Henry VIII's reign impacted the landscape in Coventry.




During our English lessons, Year 5 will focus on the works of the Tudor playwright - William Shakepeare. Using his works, we will learn how to write, develop and edit our own playscripts to tell a story and perform these to the class.


In addition, Year 5 will also be developing the techniques needed to write and perform a discussion to carry out the debate, 'Was Anne Boleyn guilty of treason?'




Within our maths lessons, we will continue to explore our place value and calculation knowledge to develop our written multiplication and division methods, and learn to interpret remainders as fractions. Year 5 will also understand prime and square numbers, as well as identify factors and multiples to support our fractions work.


Working with measures, we will apply our knowledge of multiplication and division to convert between different units. Then in geometry we will use protractors to measure and draw angles in degrees.