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Spring Term

Spring Term in Year 4

Our Spring topic is 'Traders & Raiders'. We will learn about the Saxon & Viking invasions, and how Britain changed from the end of the Roman rule through to the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Come & have a look (and spend some money) at our trade fair!


We had a mysterious visitor, who left a hammer on our field and some red material torn in our classroom... There were rumours of a thunderstorm and reports of strange rainbows in the sky & crop circles appearing in fields... Was it the Norse God of Thunder himself?

Time to explore Asgard and Jottunheim; meet Thor and the Frost Giants, then enjoy some Norse poetry at our victory feast for brave Sigurd, the dragon-slayer!



We will continue to develop our number skills and formal calculation methods, applying these to reasoning and problem solving questions. We will also look at fractions and decimals, converting units of time (minutes/hours, days/weeks/months), and describing shapes, including different quadrilaterals. We will focus on the key skills of times table recall, in preparation for the MTC in June.