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Our topic for this half term is Stargazers and we will be looking in depth at the universe and our solar system - especially studying the planets and the stars within it. Year 5 will be investigating how day and night occurs, as well as the different phases of the Moon.  Then we will be exploring how the planets are represented in music. Finally, we design and build our own rocket for an important test mission, and even test out the best rocket fuel. Are we alone or are there other life forms out there?



During this term our focus text is 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. We will be investigating Liam's sudden disappearance and evaluating the clues that has been left behind, before writing a recount. Then we will be working on creating our own stories.


After we have finished writing our own story, we will then look at other fantasy planets, and design our own before debating which is the best planet to go on holiday to. Then once we have decided, we will create holiday brochures to entice potential visitors.


Throughout our work, we will be developing our reported and direct speech punctuation, paragraphing, structure, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.



During this term, we will be heavily focusing on working with fractions. We will be learning to convert between mixed number and improper fractions (as well as completing the inverse), find equivalent fractions, add and subtract fractions (including mixed number and improper fractions, as well as those with different denominators). Then we will find fraction, decimal equivalents before also converting into percentages too.


To assist our fraction work, we will be revisiting our core skills and learning to divide and interpret remainders as fractions and decimals. Our factors work will also support with our learning.


In shape and measures, we will look at finding the perimeter and area of shapes, and even start working with a different formula. Year 5 will also revisit time work and practise interpreting data from timetables too.