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Richard Bohdanowitsch

My name is Richard Bohdanowitsch and am now in my fifth year as a Governor at Grangehurst. The reason I joined the governing board, was because I wanted to contribute to my local community.

I have two children; Grace is now in Year 8, having previously attended Grangehurst, and Oliver is currently in Year 5. Seeing my own children grow through the school has shown me the many wonderful opportunities available at Grangehurst, both in and out of the classroom.


A governing body is important as different people, from different backgrounds bring new ideas and perspectives in supporting the school’s leadership. This in turn ensures that all children are given every opportunity to thrive, have a good quality of education and that they are given as many memorable experiences as possible whilst attending Grangehurst.


My background is that I work in Education, which I have been in for twenty years now, and my current role is as Vice Principal at a secondary school in Solihull. Throughout my career, I have had had many different experiences of working and interacting with children and I feel that this experience helps support and challenge the school leadership at all levels.


Growing up my favourite children’s author was C.S Lewis and The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe was my favourite book.