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Learning in Reception

A day in our classroom is a very busy day, the children come in and have a short carpet session to engage and inspire them. After this they have choosing time which is when they visit different areas of the classroom inside and out. During the whole day they have chance to visit the snack table where there is a different fruit each day, and milk for them too. Independence is key and so they choose when they would like to go to this. We stop half way through the morning, for a reflection time when learning and ideas from the children is discussed, as we enjoy celebrating each others accomplishments. Then after this we go back to choosing time and carry on until lunch. After lunch we start the afternoon with another carpet session, and then set off for a busy afternoon. 


Our classroom...

We plan and set up our learning environment to give children an enriched experience which has a balance of child-initiated and adult-led activities. We aim to give the children plenty of opportunities to learn new things and consolidate this learning. We do so by following play-based curriculum, which means the children learn through practical and fun activities, that aim to cover different areas of the EYFS and characteristics of effective learning. By following a play based curriculum, we have the luxury of finding children's interest through the provision. We then plan with this in mind to fully engage the children and allow them to learn new things too.