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We've started the year learning all about poetry and have created our very own sea creature riddles, linked to our Topic from Year 2 of Beachcombers. 

Our next topic is being launched soon and we will be linking our English learning with this topic, all about Fossils and Fire. We will read a story set in Pompeii and use this as a stimulus to create our own fictional stories. We will also gather facts and become journalists which will allow us to write our own newspaper reports as well as many other writing styles.



There are many new skills we will be learning about in year 3 including:


-Organising writing into sections and paragraphs.

-Using a variety of adverbs and adverbials.

-Punctuation such as commas, inverted commas and apostrophes.


We we will continue to practise spellings, focussing on Year 3 and 4 spelling patterns. A copy of the common exception words can be found in our homework books.