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Darren Clews

Darren Clews


I think you all know me but may not realise that as well as being the headteacher of Grangehurst I’m also one of the governors. All headteachers can be a governor of their own school if they want. I’ve been a governor of Grangehurst since September 2012 when I started at the school. I very much enjoy the role and working with the other members of the governing body. As well as being a governor for Grangehurst I’m also a governor for Foxford School and Coventry Hospital Education Service.


At Grangehurst the governors meet regularly to talk about what is taking place at the school and make plans for the future. It’s an important role that lots of people don’t realise exists.


My job as both headteacher and governor means I have to do a lot of reading which means I don’t get much chance to read for pleasure at home when out of school. As a child I loved all of Roald Dahl’s books I think my favourites have to be ‘Danny Champion of the World’ and ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. I also loved and still love reading children’s poetry. The Headteacher of the Junior School I attended as a child was a published poet and we had lots of his poems and those from other famous poets read to us during assemblies and from that point my love of children’s poetry started.