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Autumn - Pharaohs


        Our topic until the end of Autumn term is Pharaohs. Throughout this topic we will become historians to learn all about using and interpreting primary and secondary sources. We will investigate how using these sources helps us to discover what Ancient Egyptian life was like.

         We will put our art, design and technology skills to the test to create an ancient Egyptian tomb as well as constructing death masks. Then we will be exploring how canopic jars were created to help us to make our own.

         Additionally, we will be developing our geography skills through map work and exploring the climate of the country. Then we will apply our understanding through presenting our results in written reports with supporting data.




      In English, we will be studying ‘Quest of the Gods’ which links with our topic. This will be the text we will learn to develop our story writing skills – particularly our descriptive writing and writing for suspense.

      We will be learning and practising paragraphing, using adverbial openers and apostrophes for possession and contraction.

      For our non-fiction work, we will be writing a discussion text about the British museum and their right to retain the Egyptian artefacts.




       In Maths, we will be applying our knowledge of place value for 4 and 5 digit numbers in our addition and subtraction calculations, our bar model work, and our data work by interpreting information in tables.

      We will also work on our multiplication and division skills; getting to know multiples, factors and prime numbers, as well as learning and practicing our written calculations.

      Then we will move on to learning about decimal place value and apply this to our measures work.