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Autumn 2



"Off with Her Head!" is this term's exciting topic. Dive into the Tudor period and get a thorough understanding of the Tudor kings and queens. See who reigned the longest and who had the biggest impact on our locality today. Then become a detective and understand the different punishments for a variety of crimes. Use this understanding to uncover facts about Anne Boleyn and discover if she was guilty of the crimes King Henry VIII accused her of. Create evidence to support your argument and present this in court to the members of the opposition.



During this half term, Year 5 will be studying Macbeth. We will be exploring the characters and settings of the story as well as the tragic story line. We are going to focus on developing and sustaining roles to help with creative writing. All of this is with the aim of writing out own tragic story in the style of Shakespeare. Then we will move to look at and developing our understanding of discussion texts; studying the features and debating to help with writing our own. 



During this half term, Year 5 will continue to secure their understanding of written methods to work out more complicated multiplication. Then, we will build on our fractions knowledge by finding equivalent fractions, fraction, decimal equivalents and then moving to fractions of amounts. Next, we will look at angles; becoming more familiar with a protractor to start to identify and measure angles accurately.