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Autumn 1



STOMP CRASH ROAR!! Dinosaurs are on the prowl!!


This half term our Topic work will focus on Dinosaurs. This topic has a history focus and will support children's understanding of things which have happened in the past.


We will create art work inspired by prehistoric landscapes and draw our own dinosaurs to live in these places. We will explore fossils and create our own dinosaur bones. 




During our English sessions we will primarily be focussing on the children's application of phonics skills.


We will continue to learn new sounds and apply these to different reading and writing activities. children will be learning the spellings of new words and will develop the length of writing. 


Children will have the opportunity to listen to and learn a variety of new stories by many different authors and will develop their own story telling skills ready for writing over the year.




Over this half term we will consolidate children's learning from Reception. 


We will look at different types of measures through height and weight and compare different things using the correct terminology. Children will learn about 2D and 3D shapes and will identify these in their own environments. 


We will identify different quantities using a variety of resources and practise using the correct formation when writing digits. Children will then move on to using this understanding to add and subtract different amounts. 


Children will learn and practise different ways of making 10.