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Autumn 1



This term our topic is 'Beast Creator', which has an exciting science focus. Throughout this half term we'll be hunting for minibeasts; investigating their habitats, diets and classification. Then, by looking at Charles Darwin’s scientific drawings, we'll be discovering what makes the best predators in the insect world. All of this information will be used to help us design and make our very own predator minibeasts, which we’ll present to a panel of experts!



Keeping with the minibeast theme, our text this term is 'Two Bad Ants', which we will use to inspire us to write our own minibeast quest story. As we learn about the story, we'll be working on our use of; apostrophes for contraction and possession, our sentence openers, conjunctions and writing for effect (building suspence as we go).  Our non-fiction focus will be persuasion, we will look at the features of a persuasion text, as well as plan and write our own.



This term will be consolidating our understanding of place value and how much each digit it worth. Then we will be applying our understanding of place value through our calculations, such as addition and subtraction through mental and written methods, and rounding larger numbers. Then we will move on to develop our understanding of multiples and fractions.


Our KIRF this half term is to ensure we know all our times tables up to 12 x 12.