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Summer 1



Topic this term term is 'Scream Machine'. In this science based topic, we are going to explore forces. We will look at how forces help theme park rides to operate, as well at look at how theme parks are designed and constructed. Year 5 will be experimenting with pulleys and levers as well as different materials to plan and construct their own theme park ride.



English this term is moving back to a non-fiction focus. To begin with, we are going to be studying poetry and specifically looking at figurative language to really analyse how authors build a picture in the readers' mind. 


Then we will move on to writing our own story based on the Claude books. We will be looking at the story pattern of Claude and understand the character, before planning and writing our own fairground based story when Claude gets in to trouble (again)!


Year 5 will continue to refine their paragraphing, dialogue and comma useage as well as be introduced to brackets and dashes.

Our focus text

Our focus text 1



During this term, we will be applying our knowledge from Spring 2. To start with, we'll be learning about factors, common factors, factor pairs and then applying this to using factors to help us with our mental multiplication.


After, our focus will be on understanding decimals, the place value of each digit and how to convert between decimals and fractions. Once we have understood this, Year 5 will be introduced to percentages and then we will convert between decimals, fractions and percentages.


Finally, in Summer 1, we will be looking at volume and investigating how to find the volume of an object.