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Spring 2



Our topic this half term is 'Allotment'.Let’s grow! A crispy carrot, a luscious lettuce or a tasty tomato. Dig deep and put your back into it, making your own tubs and planters and nurturing your greens. Harvest your crops and make soups and dishes of seasonal foods that taste delicious. Learn about farms and where foods come from. Writing reports of worldwide produce. Discover which allotments are closest to your school and open the door to the secret garden. Then establish your own farmer’s market, harvesting your crops and selling local produce. Include garden crafts and work out your prices, be sure to make a profit, not a loss! After all that hard work, have your fingers gone green?


During this half-term the children will be developing their non-fiction writing skills by looking at the first novel in the Alex Rider series. They will be developing their knowledge of the story and then working on their explanation skills as they begin to explain how the gadgets work. They will then create their own gadget, which they have to explain to their peers. Following on from this, the children will be looking at non-chronological reports as a way to present information about spies and what their job involves. They will also be developing their understanding of grammar and Standard English.

Our focus text

Our focus text 1



Our focus for this half term will be predominately based around measurement. We have looked at different measurements for length during Spring 1 and now we are looking at the metric measures for weight (grams and kilograms) and capacity (litres and millilitres). We will then move to converting between metric and imperial measurements and learning their equivalents! To help us with this, we will be improving our division skills, learning to use the short method (or bus stop method). We will progress to use remainders and present them either as remainders, fractions or decimals. We will also be consolidating our multiplication skills moving on to multiplying 4 digits by 1 digits and even 2 digits multiplied by 2 digits. We will also be looking at our fractions by finding fractions of amounts and converting improper fractions to mixed number fractions.